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A SM 200 Family Unit

Signalhound Spectrum Analysers and Signal Generators

An explosive package at the most affordable price. Period !

The Signalhound product line of Spectrum Analysers and Signal Generators offer unmatched flexibility and highest degree of performance.

The product is specifically designed for RF research requirements, educational requirements and laboratories and production lines as a replacement for high performance products. That too without breaking the bank.

For field use, the small form factor and wide frequency coverage enable engineers to carry potent and high-performance test setups literally in their pockets. No wonder there are hundreds of TSCM operators that swear by the "hounds".

The scalability provided  APIs enable the System Integrators to exploit the unmatched performance of the devices in their requirements.

go2Signals Suite

go2Signals Decoder and Signal analysis Suite

Fully Automatic, Most Advanced, Largest Modem List

The product line 'go2SIGNALS' offers freely configurable software tools for professional radio signal monitoring, analysis and processing: record and monitor HF and V/UHF radio signals, analyse technical parameters, adapt and develop decoders. The go2Signals Suite consists of three distinct products go2Monitor, go2Decode and go2Analyse.

go2Monitor which is high performance software with industry leading features such as fully automatic, multi channel decoders, receiver control and wide band Classifiers, maps and many other built in.

go2Decode is the most versatile decoder in the market. It is also fully automatic and It offers the ability to use a specialised "Decoder Building Library" and Decoder development frame work.

The most updated list of decoders can be found here.

Spectrum Monitoring Control Centre

Integrated Spectrum Monitoring Systems

Scalable from One Node to Mega Scale National Level Deployments

The present security environment necessitates that the spectrum resources and its utilisation be suitably coordinated. Our Spectrum monitoring systems meet the specific requirements of agencies involved in spectrum monitoring and analysis.

Based on the ITU recommendations for spectrum monitoring, our  products have kept pace with the evolving electromagnetic spectrum domain and continue to push the boundaries of technical analysis.

Our customers find that in addition to technical features, our systems provide solution to their long standing operational issues. 

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Electronic Design

So, your bright idea cuts across industries, such as Video, Wireless, Medical, Defense, Robotics, and High-Performance Computing.

Now as you're looking to create a design for the concept that you have. We can offer you full range of design services to realize your ideas.

Precision Manufacturing

No matter how specific your project, we ensure the highest level of customer care and support to machine items that are highly precise and extremely resilient.

Whether you need guidance from your product’s initial vision or require the highest precision for your project’s set specifications, we are there for you.

Product Design

We have the expertise and flexibility to design any or all of the electronics and firmware/software in your product. Our involvement can range from one tricky technical area to complete turnkey design. Our diverse technical background lets us design long lasting and fantastically usable products.


The pool of engineering resources are available for rendering services for your requirement. Our engineers are most attuned to take on engineering challenges in manufacturing, electronics and software.

Not only do we can assist you with complete staffing solution but also partial and hybrid engineering staffing is also an cost effective model.